Zimbabwe Black honed granite kitchen benchtops Rye

Craig Metcalf - Thursday, October 25, 2018

The team from Westernport Stoneworks recently installed Zimbabwe Black honed granite benchtops into a new kitchen in Rye. The granite was fabricated to 50mm with mitred edges, with a soft honed, matt finish. For strength and good looks that will last the distance it doesn't get much better than granite for commercial and industrial applications, both indoors and outdoors. 

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Rugged Concrete™ Caesarstone kitchen benchtops Hastings

Craig Metcalf - Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The team recently installed the latest Rugged Concrete™ Caesarstone kitchen benchtops into a renovation in Hastings, fabricated to 40mm with mitred edges. Rugged Concrete is colour 4033 from the Classico range and has the authentic look of a hand poured concrete benchtop and blends well with neutral palettes that soften its raw industrial edge. Each slab is individually unique due to dramatic gradients of grey textural patterns, with a white haze patina and rough matt finish.

Daily care and maintenance of Rugged Concrete™ is similar to other Caesarstone surfaces, however, the rough low reflective matt finish is more susceptible to everyday marks and spills as it doesn't disguise them as well as polished designs, meaning extra care and more regular cleaning may be required to keep it looking its best. A range of wipes and cleaning products are available from Caesarstone, and this FAQ states it's extremely important that Caesarstone Concrete benchtops are only ever wiped down using a clean cloth solely for that purpose. Using a cloth used to wash dishes may impart oils and other contaminants onto the concrete surface.

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